International Film Festival

Jeonju International Film Festival

Leading film festival for independent films!
The Jeonju International Film Festival, established in 2000, occupies a unique position among international film festivals The motto of the Jeonju International Film Festival is to introduce the works at the forefront of independent and art films. The programs of Jeonju International Film festival place emphasis on enabling the audience to experience the artistic and technical advancement of films through the films produced by talented and innovative directors.

  • Date 05/01/2024 ~ 05/10/2024
  • Venue Jeonju Digital Independent Movie Cinema, CGV Jeonjugosa, Cine Q, Jeonju Movie Street, Jeonju Cinema Town, etc.
  • Organizers Jeonju International Film Festival Organizing Committee / Jeonju International Film Festival Executive Committee
  • Inquiry Jeonju Cine Complex, 2nd Floor, 22, Jeonjugaeksa 3-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do (063-288-5433)
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The motto of the Jeonju International Film Festival is to introduce works spearheading independent and experimental movies, and alternative flows of contemporary movies and arts. The Jeonju International Film Festival explores the talented leaders in movie industry, supports creative experiments, and independence spirits while providing the opportunity to meet and cooperate with screenwriters from all over the world.

사진출처 : 전주국제영화제

The Jeonju Cinema Project (JCP), the full-length film production and investment program, has been strengthening its position as the unique brand of Jeonju, covering all fields in the movie industry including investment, production, and distribution. Moreover, Jeonju Project Market supports the planning and development of dramatic movies and documentaries in Korea, copyright, and distribution programs for independent movies. The Jeonju Digital Independent Movie Cinema is the unique vision of Jeonju, creating new permanent value added beyond the festival.

사진출처 : 전주국제영화제

The leading film festival for alternative independent movies in the world

  • Exploring, supporting, and introducing distinguished independent and art films
  • Film festival promoting communication among the audience, citizens, and workers in the movie industry
  • Establishing the basis for cultural diversity through movies.
사진출처 : 전주국제영화제

Implementing the business model of independent films and expanding the foundation for financial independence

  • Activating the program supporting the production of independent films through the Jeonju Project Market
  • Copyright and distribution program of independent films
  • Local and national marketing support for independent films
사진출처 : 전주국제영화제

Expanding the base for local multimedia culture and promoting the multimedia industry

  • Expanding the base for local multimedia culture through the local film contest
  • Strengthening the brand ‘Jeonju’, the city of movies and the hub of alternative and independent films
  • Contributing to the activation of the local economy through direct and indirect economic effects
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