Moonlight Tour

The Jeonju night is beautiful. Moonlight Tour

Gyeonggijeon Hall, the stroll with a king.

The Hanok Village Night Culture Event, which allows visitors to experience and feel the history of Jeonju, guarantees that tourists will have a fantastic night. Crossing the threshold, you get the chance to meet the kings of Joseon. Imagine King Sejong next to Hamabi (stone hitching post) and meet King Taejong as he passes through the mysterious bamboo forest. Meet King Gwanghaegun in the Jeonju History Archives, keeping the True Records of the Joseon Dynasty. Walk along in the night, where culture and history are alive, pass through the King’s Portrait Museum with the true portrait of King Taejo, and stop at Subokcheong (slaves’ dwelling). When the curtain for the feast goes up, enjoy an exciting performance by singers and instrumentalists.

  • Saturday, May 22-Saturday, Oct. 2
  • Jeonju Gyeonggijeon Hall (44, Taejo-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju)

Jeolla Provincial Office Guided Night Tour
Moonlight Stroll

With the guide dressed in a simplified Hanbok, stroll through the Jeolla Provincial Office under the moonlight, where the traditional culture and most modern art co-exist, beyond the time barrier. As Jeolla-do's highest local administration and governance organization, the Jeolla Provincial Office was burned during the Korean War in 1951; restoration work began in 2017, and finally, it was fully restored in August 2020. Naesammun (inner gate), the main gate of the Jeolla Provincial Office, was the third gate to pass when entering the provincial office. From this gate, you can see Seonhwadang, the Jeolla governor’s office, which is the most dignified building among the provincial office buildings. After passing several buildings, you can see a Pagoda tree behind Yeonsindang. The Pagoda tree traces the history of the Jeolla Provincial Office, as it has remained alone and knows all about Jeolla provincial office for 200 years . Yeonsindang has a reality media, including interactive books and VR.

  • 7:00 every night (about 60 min.)
  • 20 visitors on a first-come-first-serve basis. Free tour.
  • Jeolla Provincial Office (55, Jeollagamyeong-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju)

Nightscape along Jeonjucheon Stream

During the summer night in Jeonju, the sound of bugs resonate. When sweat caused by the sizzling heat is cooled down by the breeze, narrow-mouth frogs hidden among the leaves croak more clearly. Amid such sounds, stroll along the Jeonjucheon Stream and the Samcheon Stream. In particular, walk from Nambu Market toward the Hanok Village, appreciate the nightscape from the Namcheongyo Bridge to Ecology Museum, and you may feel as if you are strolling in a peach Garden. Sweethearts or families must stroll tightly, holding hands with each other.

Nightscape of Samcheon Stream

Samcheon Stream is one of the representative streams in Jeonju, crossing Samcheon-dong and Hyoja-dong. Walk along the stream, and the splendid lighting from a huddle of apartment buildings along the stream presents marvelous scenery. Most of all, the light of the city nightscape reflecting on Samcheon Stream and swaying by waves looks fantastic enough to enchant tourists. Samcheon Stream is famous for its sunset in Jeonju. It is recommended to visit Samcheon Stream in the afternoon to appreciate the sunset and the nightscape at the same time.

Hanok Village Nightscape

The Hanok Village takes on the features of a slow city at night when it gets less crowded. People walk more slowly as the street gets quiet and lighted Hanok shows the aesthetics of slowness here and there. The Hanok Village Nightscape became a popular background for visitors to take a photo because of the antiqueness and elegance, which we can’t easily see in most places. Go up to Omokdae with a panoramic view of the Hanok Village, and you can appreciate the profound and impressive scenery of Omokdae itself.

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