Dongmun Street

Hub of culture, art and youth!
Jeonju Dongmun Art Street

The origin of Dongmun Street is estimated to be around the intersection (in front of Creativity Support Center at present) before Gyeonggijeon Hall, which was made while expanding Jeonjueupseong Fortress during the Goryeo period around 1410. During the Japanese colonial era, the fortress wall was demolished, and the roads running across and through the area were built during the renovation project. The Japanese purchased the land from Koreans at a low cost and gradually moved into the fortress. Dongmun Street, along with Daejeong Street, became commercial districts in Jeonju. Dongmun Street was designated as ‘Dongmun Art Street’ through the Art Street Project in 2012 and was renovated as a hub of culture and art. It has been developed through the cooperation between local artists and residents.

Dongmun Art Street consists of theaters and exhibition halls for communication with local artists through various programs. The citizen's playground, the hub space on Art Street, comprises the Story Ground on the 1st floor, the Sound Ground is on the 2nd floor, and the Creativity Ground is on the 3rd floor. It satisfies all the recreational demands of Jeonju citizens. Do not miss the food in the bean sprout soup restaurants. Dongmun Street Festival is held every October. South from Dongmun Street, the Gyeonggijeon Hall, Taejoro, and Jeonju Hanok Village are located.

  • 38, Hyeonmu 2-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do (Gyeongwon-dong 3-ga)
  • 063-287-2012

Jeonju Citizens Playground

Jeonju Citizens Playground is a space for practicing open 24 hours a day for the first time in Korea.

Every Jeonju citizen can use this facility, including a variety of clubs. This facility is operated through a participatory membership system, including talent donations and volunteers. It’s a multi-purpose space for practicing, presentations, education, and relaxation.

The facility supports the presentation of arts and communication between citizens.

In the Chat Space on the ground floor, everyone can chat without restriction. It is operated as an open cultural space for various small-sized meetings, conferences, and presentations. It also supports networking, acting as the center for diverse living and art information networks in Jeonju.

Jeonju Citizens Playground activates the local culture by promoting culture and arts by para-professional citizens.

The Playground supports the link between amateur, nearly para-professional artists and local professional artists. The Playground operates programs to support artists. The Playground aims to secure a healthy local culture ecosystem by strengthening the capability of citizens for art and supporting the networking among citizens and artists.

You can swipe left or right.

전주시민놀이터의 기능, 개요, 시설구성에 대한 안내
Functions Description Facilities
Story Playground on the Ground Floor Administrative Office Multi-functional office
  • Office
Chat Space Multi-functional space for clubs and cafe
  • Meeting-oriented café, small-size presentation, self-service café
Meeting Space Seminars
  • Space for meetings and seminars
Consideration Space (practice room for the disabled) Priority for the disabled
  • Convenience facility for the disabled, practice room, small gallery
Sound Playground on the 2nd Floor Beating Space (soundproof practice room mainly for music) Practice room for individuals in the performing arts category
  • Practice room for sound-focused performance clubs Practice room for music clubs as a soundproof space
Creativity Playground on the 3rd Floor Meeting space (multi-functional practice room), club space (creativity space) Multi-functional practice room, practice room for individuals, creativity space for groups
  • Practice room, simple locker room, lockers for individuals.
  • Practice room for dancers and others. Creativity space mainly for visual art clubs, including painters and photographers

Youth Music Theater

The cradle of the representative music street is forming the creativity infrastructure for local music!

Enjoy a variety of popular music in this space for practice and presentations by popular musicians, indie bands, and amateur bands.

  • 100, Chunggyeong-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju (underground floor of the convenience store)
  • 063-287-2012, FAX: 063-2878-2010

Special performances are presented every month.

  • The Youth Music Theater supports the image of Jeonju as a music city and provides the opportunity for performers and audiences to enjoy various music genres.
  • The Youth Music Theater endeavors to create a performance team environment to develop themselves through special programs.
  • The Youth Music Theater expands exchange activities among various genres and districts.

The Youth Music Theater provides professional, and amateur performance teams practice rooms and theaters.

  • Area: 124㎡ (38 pyeong)
  • Targets: Amateur clubs, performance teams (including teenagers)
  • The Youth Music Center provides practice rooms for professional and amateur teams. However, practice rooms may not be available during special performances.
  • It is required to fill out and submit a Lease Application Form to lease the practice space.
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