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Local food
What is Local Food?
Local food is a food that has been made by the ingredients produced in local region with its own recipes. The taste varies slightly depending on the ingredients and seasoning used in each region. Jeolla-do's local food uses ripe grains from the Honam Plain and uses various seafood and wild vegetables, making it rich and colorful. Jeonju is famous for its devotion to food. The taste of food is kind of strong due to the warm climate. There are many spicy foods because of the use of red pepper powder. Also, there are many kinds of salted seafood and kimchi. In Jeonju, bean sprout food is especially famous, so bean sprout gukbap and Jeonju bibimbap have become famous nationwide.
Safe Restaurant Designation Certificate
What is Local Restaurant?
It is a restaurant designated as a local restaurant under Article 9 of the Jeonju-si Ordinance on the Discovery and Promotion of Local Traditional Food and Tourism Biology Management.
What are the Criteria for Selection?
There are standards such as unique recipes, the degree of use of local specialties, the locality of food, the ease of supplying ingredients for cooking food, the popularity of sales prices, and the degree of popularization in the region.
Subject Selection
hanjeongsik (Korean table d'hote), bibimbap, bean sprout gukbap, dolsotbap, omogari-tang, jeonju baekban, pyebaek food etc. a restaurant serving local traditional food
Who has been engaged in cooking local traditional food for at least three years, etc A person who has a function suitable for the Jeonju-si Ordinance on the Excavation and Promotion of Local Traditional Food and the Management of Tourism Merchandising
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