I Will Explore Jeonju As BTS Did

Let’s take a picture in the same place and pose like BTS.

Route : Jeonju Zoo (Dream Land Carousel) 다음 Leesle on Cheotmajung-gil 다음 Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum 다음 Honamgak

Leesle on Cheotmajung-gil in front of Jeonju Station

You can encounter beautiful and practical modern Hanbok at Leesle, which started in Jeonju. At the 2018 Melon Music Awards, Jimin of BTS sang a song in Leesle’s Hanbok. Taemin of SHINee also often wears Leesle’s coat.

Carousel at Dream Land of Jeonju Zoo

Jeonju Zoo has already appeared in lots of movies. Although Jeonju Zoo is the oldest regional zoo in Korea, it recently built animal-oriented habitats for a sustainable zoo. It is also the country’s third-largest zoo in which diverse species live. BTS 2019 Summer Package in Korea was shot throughout Jeollabuk-do, including Dream Land Carousel, the bench in front of the carousel, and the stair at Jeonju Zoo.

Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum

Leegangju was Joseon’s top three finest liquors and is consumed in spring. During the signing of the Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement, it was used to raise glasses. Cho Jeong-hyeong succeeded in the commercialization of Leegangju. The Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum carries famous local drinks, such as Leegangju, Jukryeokgo, and Jindo Hongju, and offers the experience of brewing and sampling. BTS members had a photoshoot at Gyeyeongwon.


A ten-minute drive from Jeonju Station, Honamgak was designated as Jeonju Eatery No. 1 and provides a variety of menu choices: Hanjeongsik (table d’hote), Bibimbap, Bulgogi, and grilled pollack. There are Jeonju Hanok Village, Gyeonggijeon Hall, Omokdae Pavilion, Jeondong Catholic Church, and Pungnammun Gate nearby. In BTS 2019 Summer Package in Korea, BTS members heaped praise on Bulgogi and Tteokgalbi (grilled short rib patties). The building itself also shows the elegance of Hanok.

As If I Were a Cast of Running Man

Let’s take a picture in the same place and pose like BTS.

Route : Deokjin Park 다음 Jeonju Hanok Village 다음 Jeondong Catholic Church 다음 Cheongnyeon Mall at Nambu Market 다음 Hanok Guesthouse 다음 Jeonju Traditional Culture Training Institute

Deokjin national park

The opening sequence was filmed at Deokjin Park. Running Man members had to solve problems whilst they rowed a boat. The scene of lotus flowers blooming in the vast pond from late June to mid-July is fantastic. Deokjin Park offers refuge for both locals and travelers.

Jeonju Hanok Village

Even though they failed the Mandu mission, they were able to get shrimp Mandu. The list of must-eat foods in Jeonju Hanok Village is circulating on social media. Devour a broad selection of street food—not only shrimp Mandu but also fruit mochi, chicken skewer, octopus skewer, deep-fried whole squid, and twisted donut, just to name a few.

Jeondong Catholic Church

It is no exaggeration to say that Jeondong Catholic Church is a landmark of Jeonju. Erected in 1914, Jeondong Catholic Church, Historic Site No. 288, exhibits brick Romanesque and is counted as the largest and oldest building built during the early decades of the 20th century in the Honam area. Every tourist takes a photo here.

Nambu Market & Cheongnyeon Mall

For a long time, Nambu Market has been a bustling marketplace—while there has been a noticeable decrease in the number of market-goers. Bistros specializing in Pisundae and Kongnamul Gukbap are situated here. On Friday and Saturday evenings, a night food market opens. Cheongnyeon Mall on the second floor must not be missed. About 30 stores entice passers-by with curated merchandise and eye-catching window displays. Cheongnyeon Mall comes to the forefront as an example of young entrepreneurship.

Hanok guesthouse

Blackpink joined Running Man at a Hanok guesthouse. Hanok is one of the most essential elements in exemplifying Korean culture. In Jeonju Hanok Village close to the city center, a cluster of 700 well-maintained Hanoks, including traditional and fusion houses and guesthouses, exist, which embody traditional lifestyles.

Jeonju Traditional Culture Training Institute

The Jeonju Traditional Culture Training Institute encompasses Jeonju Dongheon, a cultural training and education venue, and old houses, which are now used as accommodation.

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