Cheotmajung-gil Street

First step for a Jeonju tour!
Cheonmajung-gil Road from Jeonju Station was formed like this!

Why and how was Cheonmajung-gil Road formed from Jeonju Station, where everyone takes the first step toward Jeonju?
It was very sad to see Jeonju degrade to a desolate city with a high vacancy rate in shopping malls as well as the entertainment districts and accommodation districts declining even while Jeonju Station welcomed more than 7,000 users a day. The old pavement maintenance and street lamp replacement project was implemented from Jeonju Station and the Myeongjugol Intersection from 2014, but the intent of the project was completely changed. The project was selected as an Urban Forest Project by Korea Forest Service in 2015. Accordingly, the present Jungang Plaza and the winding roads were planned after lots of consulting, including simulations based on traffic effect analysis, presentations to the residents, the urban renovation committee, and the landscape committee after executing the sustainable eco-city master plan agreement. Finally, the project was completed.

850m-long Cheonmajung-gilRoad! Are there any sites recommended for visitors?
The Cheonmajung-gil Roadwill be filled with people and culture without installing many new facilities. The Zelcova forest, the main site on Cheonmajung-gil Road, is beautiful and makes visitors feel pleasant and refreshed.Including the refreshing Zelcova trees, night lighting lets sweethearts, couples, and families, see a variety of features reflected on the water. Children playing in water look happy. There is the handmade platform made by local artists. A flea market and street performances are held every Saturday.

  • Around Jeonju Station, 746, Wua-dong 3-ga, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do

Prides of Cheonmajung-gil Road

Street of Lights, Cheonmajung-gil Road

The Street of Lights, the Cheonmajung-gil Road, greets tourists first. The Street of Lights are harmonized with the surrounding facilities and trees. Two districts are classified; the district in front of Jeonju Station and the Myeongjugol Intersection. Each district presents a unique nightscape using LEDs, media façades, and lasers.

Tourists Library, Cheonmajung-gil Road

The Tourists Library on Cheonmajung-gil Road opened on April 15, 2021 and aims to be a piece of infrastructure for Jeonju, the ‘book tour city where books come the life’ and to provide the opportunity for citizens to enjoy culture. The Tourists Library on the Cheonmajung-gil Road is a cultural space providing unique and valuable books, as well as a pleasant space for tourists to rest.

Business Hours
Tue.-Sun. 09:00~18:00
Closed on Mondays and public holidays
Public Parking Lot across the library. Free parking.
Maximum capacity
30 visitors.
063-714-3524 No pets allowed.

850m-long Cheonmajung-gilRoad!

The desolate urban landscape around Jeonju Station is changed by prestigious a street forest for pedestrians which is 15m to 20m from Jungang Plaza. In this street forest, the roads and the sidewalks were reduced between Jeonju Station and the Myeongjugol Intersection, and is is 850m long. So, the place was completely changed to a place where everyone wants to stay for some time. The street forest will contribute to making good impression of Jeonju and activating the local economy.

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