Hanok Village Alleys

1Lucky Trail better to walk slowly

Where is the best place to start the alley tour in the Jeonju Hanok Village? As history has been piled up for a long time, let’s start at the 600-year-old ginkgo tree, which emits a holy spirit.
Next, Seunggwangjae meaning ‘inherit the light’, is the space where the president of Royal Culture Foundation, Yi Seok, the last prince of the Joseon Dynasty, has been residing. Seunggwangjae is the space to share and learn about the history and etiquette of the royal family. Etiquette classes and rice cake mallet pounding programs require advanced booking.

The stairs next to the guardian tree of the village, which is over 500 years old, are connected to Omokdae Observatory. You can also see a well, which can’t be found these days, over the low fence as you walk along the trail. People believed that a well was connected to the underwater palace of the Dragon King in the past. Even though you can’t meet the Dragon King, you can look around the Mural Painting Alley of the TV drama ‘Goblin.’

600-year-old Ginkgo Tree

600-year-old Ginkgo Tree

It is said that this 600-year-old ginkgo tree was planted by Woldang Choi Dam in 1383 (the 9th year of King Wu’s reign during the Goryeo period) for descendants to eliminate random thoughts like a ginkgo tree resisting insects and learn from the tree. It is said that you may get good spirits when you breathe in and out five times in front of this 600-year-old ginkgo tree. Close your eyes and take a deep breath five times, and your mind will be filled with good luck, so be happy and healthy. Wait a moment! You never want to miss the brooklets across from the ginkgo tree and Choimyeonghui-gil. The Choi Myeong-hui Literary House and the alley with the site of the birthplace of Choi Myeong-hui have lots of interesting things, including hidden treasures that may surprise you.

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