Winter Festivals

Farewell to the old year and greeting the new year


Available Right Now Winter Festivals

Jeonju New Year's Day Festival.

Jeonju City's New Year Festival is a place where you can wrap up the eventful last year and enjoy a hopeful new year. The festival, which will be held at Pungnammun Gate, will feature various celebratory performances such as pansori, band performances, and samulnori. Video clips of New Year's greetings for citizens who have shone in Jeonju for a year will also be screened, and various programs will be prepared, including bell ringing events, colorful fireworks, and Daedongnori with citizens.

Year-end performance at the National Intangible Heritage Center.

Like Jeonju, the home of intangible culture, the year-end performance of the National Intangible Heritage Center provides memories of the year-end while enjoying intangible cultural performances. It is full of high-quality intangible culture attractions. A gift to ourselves, who work hard throughout the year

  • It's held in December.
  • 063)280-1500,1501
  • 95, Seohak-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do

Jeonju First Greeting Road Festival of Lights

Jeonju First Greeting Road is the first impression for tourists to Jeonju. The Street of Lights is formed, and the ‘First Greeting Road Festival of Lights’ is hosted to deliver warm affection to those who come to Jeonju. The First Greeting Road is one of the famous nightscape spots in Jeonju. With various programs waiting for citizens and tourists, including a flea market and photo contest, makes beautiful memories in the Festival of Lights.

  • During winter from Dec.
  • Around the First Greeting Road
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