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[2023.08] The Must-Visit Jeonju Hanok Village

[2023.08] The Must-Visit Jeonju Hanok Village

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  • Date 2023-09-04
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Selected as One of the Top 100 Korean Tourist Spots in Korea for 2023-2024
Recognized as South Korea's Premier Tourist Destination for 12 Consecutive Years

The Must-Visit Jeonju Hanok Village

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The spotlight is firmly fixed on Jeonju'’s iconic Hanok Village. After recording an all-time high in tourist visits last year, the influx of both domestic and international visitors has continuesd unabated this year. The "Jeonju Hanok Village", which preserves the essence of Korea’s our traditional elegance amidst the modern city, boasts the largest collection of traditional Korean houses (hanoks) in the country, with approximately 700 hanoks nestled closely together. Prominent international media outlets like CNN and BBC have hailed it as a must-visit destination in South Korea. The surge in foreign tourist visits further cements solidifies its reputation as a globally recognized representation tourist destination of in South Korea. For travelers looking to genuinely immerse themselves in Jeonju, a global cultural city with a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity and a global cultural city, we will generously introduce all the captivating elegance, rich flavors, and invaluable insider tips that Hanok Village has to offer.


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