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[2023.07] Lets go to Jeonju.

[2023.07] Lets go to Jeonju.

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  • Date 2023-08-22
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The most Korean charm of Jeonju

How to enjoy Jeonju,where tradition and culture blend


As the royal capital of Hubaekje (later Baekje) in the past and the hometown of the Joseon Dynasty, Jeonju, which has a long history and numerous cultural heritages, is considered one of the representative historical and cultural cities of Korea. As if reviving the brilliant historical memory, Jeonju still has the traditional Korean culture vividly alive. In particular, 'Jeonju Hanok Village', where you can see stylish tiled roofs (Giwa) everywhere you reach, is one of the representative travel destinations in Korea, where many tourists from home and abroad continue to visit every year. Let's go to Jeonju, a travel destination where you can kill three birds with one stone, where you can enjoy the beauty and taste of our traditional culture and a quiet leisure centered on Korea's largest traditional Hanok village.


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