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[2023.09] Must-Visit Hotspots in Jeonju

[2023.09] Must-Visit Hotspots in Jeonju

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  • Date 2023-09-26
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Jeonju isn't just about the Hanok Village

Must-Visit Hotspots in Jeonju

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When anyone plans a trip to Jeonju, it's common to focus the search around the Hanok Village. Of course, while the Hanok Village is an iconic destination representing Jeonju, it would be a shame to claim you've experienced Jeonju by visiting only there. Jeonju boasts a wealth of attractions and culinary delights, making it an ideal getaway to enjoy with family, loved ones, and friends. If you only recognize Jeonju as a city of tradition, you're behind the times. Adjacent to the Hanok Village, locations like 'Dongmun Street', 'Waeridan Street', 'Gaekridan Street', and 'Shin City Area' are brimming with trendy and atmospheric spots that continuously draw the MZ generation. Centered around these main streets, from gourmet eateries to alcohol zones, we introduce hotspots where you can genuinely experience the 'Local Hip'.


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