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Jeonju Reading Expo

Building upon the great success of the “2017 Korea Reading Expo”, the Jeonju Reading Expo has become the largest reading expo in Korea, which has been held with publishers, readers, educators, and those engaged in culture and art since 2018. As a citizens-participation art festival for making a reading culture, the expo provides a variety of things to see and enjoy that converge reading, culture, and art and provides an opportunity to share books and a reading culture with citizens reading-related organizations. Moreover, the expo expands the reading culture all over the country. The expo will be the ignition point for Jeonju to be designated as a Special Cultural City.

  • Slogan Reading City, Writing Jeonju
  • Venue Online event, around Jeonju Hanbyeok Cultural Center, Wanpanbon Cultural Center
  • Programs Opening ceremony, lectures, performances, contests, exhibitions, forums, special experience programs
  • Organizer Jeonju Municipal Government
  • Supporters Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea)
  • Inquiry Jeonju Municipal Library, 3rd Floor, 306, Baekjedae-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Book City Tourism Dept., Jeonju Book City Humanities Education Headquarters (063-230-1859)
사진출처 : 전주독서대전

The Reading Expo acts as a cultural medium of communication with the world through the books in the libraries and creates a sustainable book festival that contains local content and Jeonju-style reading communities that recognize the value of reading. Let’s realize the social value imparted by reading together for a happy Jeonju, opening the future with books, ‘Jeonju, Reading City’. Moreover, the reading promotion program requires the active participation of citizens and is implemented from Mar. to Oct.

사진출처 : 전주독서대전

The quality of Jeonju paper is far better than that of other regions, and works of fiction with amiable expressions were commonly written in Jeonju. Jeonju was the hub of the printing and publishing culture, publishing the Wanpanbon (full version stories) in the past. Could it be the reason that Jeonju is still packed with those who love books? Such reading enthusiasm can be identified just by visiting the Jeonju Reading Expo. Something magical is deployed as famous writers in Korea swarm to Jeonju, and readers fall into books here and there.

사진출처 : 전주독서대전

Happy Jeonju, opening the future with books!
Reading Expo!

  • Vision     Realization of social reading values and reading together for the implementation of 「Jeonju, Reading City」
  • Goals     Book festivals like Jeonju based in libraries
  • Directions     Proposing the directions of festivals in the untact era and expanding reading shared by citizens
  • Type     Citizens-participation festival based on a reading ecosystem and the community of Jeonju
사진출처 : 전주독서대전


Realize the social value by reading together through reading promotion programs, including the opening ceremony, lectures, performances, contests, exhibitions, forums/discussions, experience programs, and events.

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