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[2024.04] Riverside Cherry Blossoms Spots

[2024.04] Riverside Cherry Blossoms Spots

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Romantic Spring in Jeonju, Full of Pink

Hope Everything Comes Up
Cherry Blossoms in Jeonju,
3 Riverside Cherry Blossoms Spots

Cherry blossoms must be the first flower that comes to mind when you think of spring for sure.
After March, when plum blossoms and cornelian cherry flowers signal the early spring,
April has come when the cherry blossoms, the queen of spring, are in full bloom.
7 to 8 out of 10 local people in Jeonju would answer "riverside,"
when they are asked where is the best cherry blossom attractions.
Here introduce riverside cherry blossom spots where you can slowly walk
along the pink flower path surrounded by petals in full bloom
as if signaling the spring and can feel spring with your whole body.
Many people visit Jeonjucheon stream and Samcheon stream
because of the beauty of the surrounding scenery over the flowingfull bloom river and blooming cherry trees.
You can enjoy the cherry blossom tunnel while driving along the long open riverside road,
or rather walk lightly along the riverside
walking paths and make eye contact with the pink popcorn in full bloom depending on your taste.
Of course, you can do both!
On days when cherry blossom petals are scattered in the spring breeze,
your eyes will be caught by them at least once even if you don't like flowers very much.
On a pleasant day admiring the harmony of the blue sky and the flowers presented by spring for a long time,
let's appreciate them for having a hard time blooming this year and
make a promise in our hearts to see them all again next year.

As the spring wind blows~ The scattering cherry blossom petals~
Spread out on this street as we walk together~
(Lyrics from popular Korean spring song "Cherry Blossom Ending-Busker Busker")


Samcheon River

Samcheon stream is a representative stream of Jeonju along with Jeonjucheon stream. It starts in Gui-myeon, Wanju-gun and joins Jeonjucheon stream in Seoshin-dong, Jeonju. Samcheon stream is wider than Jeonjucheon stream and has a good walking course and bicycle paths, which makes it perfect for light walks or riding. Travelers can enjoy the beauty of the stream by renting 'Kkotsingyi', public bicycle of Jeonju, or Kakao T bikes placed everywhere!

Riverside Samcheon River
  • Riverside Samcheon River
  • Riverside Samcheon River

Every April, cherry trees on both sides along Samcheon stream are in full bloom and turn the path into a bright flower path. The cherry blossom road harmonized with the reeds that have been firmly in place since last winter is definitely impressive. You can also see the perfect natural scenery with forsythia blooming here and there going together with various green plants. Stepping stone bridge that crosses the river, which you can encounter while walking along the riverside, makes the place the best spot for taking pictures.

  • Riverside Samcheon River
  • Riverside Samcheon River

Sinsigaji-Seoshin-dong Section

COVID19, an uninvited guest, continues this year, but cherry blossoms bloom faithfully every year, giving us a big gift. Sinsigaji's cherry blossom road has the richer amount of blossoms and is accessible to other traveling spots, which makes young people prefer the location. You can see hundreds of thousands of cherry trees while walking along the riverside road that leads to Seoshin-dong.

Riverside Sinsigaji-Seoshin-dong Section
  • Riverside Chucheondaegyo Bridge Section
  • Riverside Chucheondaegyo Bridge Section

The feast of the river, cherry trees, bridal wreaths, and forsythia, which create an urban mood with the background of fancy high buildings, may be a stylish combination that more suits the emotions of young generations. Moreover, a photo zone is naturally created on the stone bridge as this wonderful view reflected on the river. If you look at the stream under your feet while crossing the stone bridge, your eyes will continue to follow the fishes moving fast. Why don't you find small happiness in nature today in your tiring daily life while being comforted by fish who seem to be busier than you are?

Riverside Sinsigaji-Seoshin-dong Section

Chucheondaegyo Bridge Section

Chucheondaegyo bridge lying on Jeonjucheon stream connects Songcheon-dong and Palbok-dong. When the weather gets warmer, cherry blossoms begin to bloom one by one on both sides of the road on the bridge. It would be better to enjoy the magnificent cherry blossom tunnel to Samryegyo bridge by bicycle or car rather than by walking.

Riverside Chucheondaegyo Bridge Section

All cars run slowly as if they had promised, fascinated by the beauty of numerous bright cherry blossoms in bloom. When the gentle spring breeze that touches the charming cherry trees blows, the rain of flower petals will fall, making it a more romantic course. What a romantic view~ Why don't you record an unforgettable day with beautiful scenery with your eyes on the way to see cherry blossoms, and with photos or videos on the way back?

Riverside Chucheondaegyo Bridge Section
  • Riverside Chucheondaegyo Bridge Section
  • Riverside Chucheondaegyo Bridge Section


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