Jeonju Moraenae Aljja Market

Jeonju Moraenae Aljja Market- newly advancing

Moraenae Market is called the shrine of local foods and is filled with restaurants serving delicious food using fresh materials.
The market is the place to buy clean agricultural products at moderate prices and to feel the simple, rough, and native taste of Jeonju.
Chicken, one of the representative foods in Moraenae Market!
The chicken from the Family Whole Chicken Store is delicious even when they get cold because the whole fresh chicken is fried. The chicken is fried in clean oil, the taste is perfect with crispy skin and soft flesh.
Kill two birds with one stone because you can have more fried chicken at far lower prices than a fried chicken chain.
Homemade dumplings show off the substantial stuffing and are the specialty of Moraenae Market.
Dumplings from Moraenae Market are perfect snacks and meals because stuffing fills a thin dumpling shell, including moist steamed dumplings, crispy fried dumplings, and steamed buns filled with red bean paste.
Moraenae Market presents delicious food which fills two people for just 10,000 KRW, including pig’s feet, sundae, and clear soup with dumplings.

Jeonju Moraenae Aljja Market is a blessing!

About Jeonju Moraenae Aljja Market

Jeonju Moraenae Aljja Market is a permanent market around Inhu 2-dong and Jinbuk-dong, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, formed in the 1970s.
Fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, dried seafood, clothing, and miscellaneous goods are sold. Feel the dynamic mood of the traditional market.
The market is very popular because of the quality goods at moderate prices and wide parking lot. The market always delivers clean agricultural products to customers around Wanju and Jeonju.

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