Jeonju New Jungang Market

Jeonju New Jungang Market is filled with fun from seeing and pleasure from tasting!

As the traditional market in the middle of Jeonju, Jeongju New Jungang Market was formed as merchants moved in one by one since a tobacco plant was built in 1948.
The market was registered and became a recognized market in 2012.
There are about 180 stores in this market. Jeonju New Jungang Market is very popular because it is in the middle of Jeonju.

Jeonju New Jungang Market customers visit again.

Online and offline market

Most stores sell-side dishes these days. The market supplies quality goods at moderate prices to residents, including agricultural and marine products, meats, groceries, clothing, and miscellaneous goods. All stores will take Onnuri Vouchers, mobile Onnuri Vouchers, and Zero Pay. There are shopping carts, and a delivery service is available. Zhangbayo(online Shopping) has also been available since the onset of the untact era. The parking lot on the 3rd floor can accommodate 146 cars. The parking lot has installed an automatic parking fee payment system for more convenience for customers. The market is open from 8 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock in the evening every day.

Market coexisting with the local district

New Jungang Market operates the Reminiscent Food Carts Street, serving diverse kinds of menus, satisfying all types of tourists and residents on weekend afternoons. The Reminiscent Food Carts Street is closed temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
New Jungang Market provides a market experience programs for students in local elementary schools and kindergartens and activates consumption enabling customers to shop with Onnuri Vouchers. The market will host the 12th Market Experience Composition Test this year. The Market is activating itself through a customer photo contest to be the market families visit for shopping. The customers’ photo contest greets its 11th anniversary this year.

History of Jeonju New Jungang Market

Jeongju New Jungang Market was opened with 32 stores in 1948. As the traditional market with the pride of a long history and tradition and being the best commercial district and the hub of transportation, the market has a constant stream of customers. The market continues to provide a wide range of things to enjoy through the culture and tourism-focused market and modernization project, including a heating/cooling system to provide a pleasant environment for customers, Reminiscent Food Carts Street, and public parking lot, and Chachacha Goblin Market.

The market is the school!

Market with stories, the dynamic and vivid site of life!
Jeonju New Jungang Market has become a good education site for students through various traditional experience programs. The programs include handicraft classes, traditional market experiences, and traditional food classes, making Kimchi and rice cakes.

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