Safe Restaurant

Never reuse the leftovers! Never have to worry!
It leads the improvement of food culture through regular inspections.

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Reliable food
What is a Safe Restaurant?
Safe Restaurant is a restaurant that is conducting a pilot project installing kitchen open surveillance cameras and installing side dish refrigerators to prevent reuse of leftover food.
What are the Criteria for Selection?
There are standards such as whether surveillance cameras are installed where customers can see the inside of the kitchen, whether leftovers are reused, whether there is an administrative disposition beyond the suspension of business within the last six months, and cleanliness such as ventilation, insect repellent, and refrigeration facilities in the kitchen.
Safe Restaurant Designation Certificate
Introduced for the First Time in Jeonju!
Jeonju City, the city of taste, introduced the system for the first time in the country in 2011 to fundamentally block unsanitary cooking and reuse of leftovers.
How to Check a Safe Restaurant?
You can check it with a certificate of designation and signs issued to selected place as safe restaurants.
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