Bean Sprout & Rice Soup

Savory and refreshing broth

While mung bean sprouts are popular in many countries, including Southeast Asian countries and Japan, Korea is the only country that eats the most bean sprouts. It is widely known that bean sprouts contain vitamin C, not in beans themselves. A plate of bean sprouts satisfies half of the daily vitamin C requirement. Bean sprouts also contain aspartic acid, an amino acid, and help eliminate alcohol. Jeonju is famous for its bean sprout hangover soup with rice because of the good water in Jeonju.

Colds treated with clear bean sprout soup and chili powder

While some restaurants beat an egg into bean sprout soup with rice, a broken yolk makes the broth look dirty. In Jeonju, only eggs white are carefully added to bean sprout soup, or a poached egg is added. The essence of bean sprout soup is the Moju (raw liquor) that alcohol lovers unanimously praise. Moju (raw liquor) is made by boiling ginger, jujubes, and cinnamon in Makgeolli. Alcohol lovers say they can sober up as they sweat when they drink Moju and eat hot bean sprout soup with rice. However, it’s just their feeling. Moju interrupts their hangover by increasing the blood alcohol content. The moment bean sprout soup proves its real worth is when one has a cold or aching all over. People have been treating colds by adding chili powder into the clear bean sprout soup when they feel chilly from long ago.

Bean sprout, the ingredient of Cheongsimhwan (pills to treat heat)

People grew soybean sprouts using water dropped through a colander into a bowl in the Joseon period. Soybean sprouts were dried and exported to China as the ingredients for Cheongsimhwan (pills to treat heat). In China, the dried soybean sprouts were called the “Seed of Glycine Max”. It was a very precious medicinal material. Soybean sprouts have continued to be used as an ingredient of Cheongsimhwan.


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What is the best soup with bean sprouts?
Jeonju Moju (raw liquor)

A glass of Moju is perfect with scalding hot bean sprout soup accompanied by various condiments!
Jeonju bean sprout soup with rice and Moju, which boils 8 kinds of medicinal herbs, including ginger, jujube, ginseng, kudzu, and cinnamon powder in Makgeolli can’t be missed. Moju is good with meat soup with rice because of the soft and sweet taste without the smell of liquor. People say that they got the brewer’s grains and boiled them with saccharin when everyone suffered from hunger due to poverty. Moju is recognized as the local liquor of Jeonju.

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